Set in a dystopian future where human cloning is the norm and wealthy non-clones are preparing for a mass exodus from Earth, this short film sees one clone fighting to find a way off the planet in the hope of escaping her miserable existence.

Choose was produced for the 48hr Sci-Fi Film Challenge 2012, meaning that the cast and crew had just 48 hours to create the film from start to finish.

Our senior editor, Alex Elkins, was asked to come on board to take care of the data management, editing and colour grading, which took place first on-set during the shoot and later back at director Al White’s base, where the team worked through the night to get everything finished.

The hard work paid off – of the almost 400 films that were entered into the competition, ‘Choose’ was selected for the judges’ top 10, earning a slot on the big screen as part of the London Sci-Fi festival.

Production Company: Bokeh Pictures
Director: Al White
Director of Photography: Alberto Bañares
Editor / Colourist: Alex Elkins
VFX: Marc Hutchings
Sound Designer: Andrew Wilkinson